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Simon Phillips

Power Trio  
(October 18th 1999 - Delaware Community College - ??? - ???)
Audience recording - sound quility 90%
1.   Armagadon Blues (live) 8.52 
2.   ??? (live) 7.02
3.   Bow Legged (live) 9.05
4.   Jungle Thing (live) 5.40
5.   My Heavy Heart (live) 7.22
6.   ??? (live) 5.33
7.   Drum solo (live) 10.50
8.   ??? (live) 6.33
Simon Phillips - Drums
Gary Willis - Bass
Dave "FUZE" Fiuczynsky - Guitar


Live Amsterdam  
(January 28th 2001 - The Bimhaus - Amsterdam - The Netherlands)
Radio broadcast - sound quility 90%
1.   Resolution (live) 10.37 
2.   Broadcaster Speech (live) 9.50
3.   New Blooded / Band intro (live) 1.19
4.   One Of A Kind (live) 2.23
5.   Angel Street (live) 11.37
6.   Broadcaster Speech (live) 11.31
Simon Phillips - Drums
Jeff Babko - Piano
Dave Carpenter - Bass
Walt Fowler - Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Brandon Fields - Tenor & Soprano


Original covers of the site TOTO Fan Page

Magazinno Musicale Merula  
(Simon's Drum clinic tour 2004 - October 9th 2004 - Magazinno Musicale Merula - Cherasco - Torino - Italy)
Audience recording by Rocco Piccininno - sound quility 100%
1.   Inertia (live) 4.53 
2.   Simon Solo (live) 15.58
3.   Manganese (live) 5.44
4.   Vantage Point (live) 6.04
5.   Simon Solo (live) 5.14
6.   Indian Summer (live) 8.30

Drum Clinic in Daun
(Simon's Drum clinic tour 2004 - October 19th 2004 - ??? - Daun - Germany)
Audience recording - sound quility 90%
1.   Introduction (live) 0.43
2.   Inertia (live) 6.34 
3.   Simon Solo (live) 15.26
4.   Manganese (live) 5.41
5.   ??? (live) 9.52
6.   Vantage Point (live) 6.13
7.   Simon Solo (live) 8.15
8.   Indian Summer (live) 8.54

I expect to receive soon the following bootlegs from Simon Phillips:

Are you interested in copy's of my bootlegs?
I use the following trading rules:
1.  I'm only trading bootlegs for fun and to enlarge my own collection,
     so please don't ask me to send bootlegs to you in exchange for
2.  If you contact me for a trade, send me your list of bootlegs or your
     website link, so that I can see if you have something  interesting
     for me.
3.  Please let me know if the bootlegs I have ordered from you, are from
     MP3 source before you send!!!
4.  Please let me know if you have artworks from the front- and backcovers
     from the bootlegs. If you have them I also like to receive colorcopy's
     of it from you. It takes for granted that you also receive then the
     colorcopy's from me by your ordered bootlegs.
5.  I prefer DAO (disk-at-once) copy's of CDs.
6.  I trade 1 CD for 1 CD, 1 DVD for 1 DVD or  1 DVD for
     2 CD's.
7.  If it's our first trade, you send your package first to me and when I
     receive it, I will send my package to you (100% guaranteed). After this
     has worked, we can handle this in another way!

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